In the very near future BtG hope to fund a youth worker & equip a youth worker base at Nobles Hospital:

Hospital based youth workers would offer support through friendship built over time and BtG are hoping that any time soon the partnership agreement, which has been worked on for some time will be signed, the youth worker base at Nobles will be identified and the youth worker will be in place.

This is a project BtG have been working on since February 2015, when we arranged and funded an experienced sister from Nobles to attend the ‘Hospital Based Youth Worker Conference’ in Birmingham. At our suggestion the leader of the Youth Service ‘Early Intervention Team’ also attended this conference. For further research into the benefit of a youth worker in a health environment we arranged for both representatives to visit the adolescent unit at Nottingham University Hospital, which is an example of best practice.

Since then Department of Education, Department of Health and BtG have been working together and wards  improve the chance of our visions being achieved as soon as possible.

Youth Support at ‘Jade’s Place’

There is a youth worker based at ‘Jade’s Place’ at the Hospice who can offer support to young people with a life threatening condition and also their siblings.

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