Why Bridge the Gap

It is acknowledged that the GAP between paediatric and adult care is too great a step for many young people, especially those with complex, chronic and life threatening medical conditions. Bridge the Gap aims to Bridge ‘THAT’ Gap by improving facilities and support for these young people.


Up to the age of 16 a young person receives care within the children’s services, well supported in the community and receiving treatment on the children’s ward. Care is then transferred to adult services at the age of 16 yet a young person does not become an adult overnight, particularly if dealing with a complex and possibly life threatening medical condition.


BtG is improving facilities and support for young people from the age of 14 as they face the transition to adult services.


The Partnership Agreement with Department of Health and Department of Education has been signed, the BtG Pod will soon be opened and youth support is already available from the BtG Youth worker who can be contacted by email: youthsupport@bridgethegap.im .


This support is available to young patients up to the age of 24 years (following the example of Teenage Cancer Trust). Support is available to patients receiving care within Nobles and also young people attending outpatient appointments such as blood tests, scans etc.


For further information, please see Our goals and visions


If you would like to become involved with Bridge the Gap please contact@bridgethegap.im



Please note that all Trustees, Members and Supporters are volunteers.

All donations are used to improve facilities and support for young patients.


    Jill Crossley – Secretary,

    The Old School House, Vane’s Lane, The Eairy, Isle of Man. IM4 3HY

    Fiona Barker – Chairperson

    Kionslieu Farm, Higher Foxdale, Isle of Man IM4 3HB

    tel 01624 801349

    Ben Cotton – Treasurer

     Whitestrand Farm, Lherghydhoo, Peel,

    Isle of Man IM5 2AE

    Ken Collister

    Stuart Lambie MBE


You may be wondering about the significance of the dragonfly in the BtG Logo.

In almost every part of the world the dragonfly symbolises change and change in the perspective of self realisation, the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.

The BtG vision is to support patients with long term health needs as they move from paediatric to adult care and on into adulthood, it seems appropriate that a beautiful dragonfly be part of our logo.

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