The BtG Youth Worker & Pod Project & Entertainment Trolleys at Nobles Hospital. 

BtG entertainment trolleys:

Now available for use on adult wards – teenagers and young people can watch dvds & play games. Playing cards, word search crosswords & relaxing colouring books are provided on request.


The BtG Hospital Based Youth Worker (HBYW) Project

This is in the process of being set up and will develop over the coming months and years.

The purpose is to offer support to Young People with Complex Medical Conditions through their transition from Children’s Ward to Adult Wards at Nobles Hospital.

The BtG Pod will provide an age appropriate environment for Young People (16+) who are receiving care on Adult wards at Nobles.

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When the Pod is up and running the youth worker will:

  • Arrange for young people to access the facility, with the approval of health professionals.
  • Arrange Voluntary Youth Workers to keep the facility available to young people.
  • Link young people to other support groups as listed on this site.
  • Link young people to other suitable youth groups on the island.
  • Where appropriate, and in certain circumstances with the approval of medical professionals, link young people to others with similar conditions.

Coming soon!

The BtG Pod

Young people who are unwell often face repeated or extended inpatient stays and BtG will soon provide ‘The Pod’. This will be the first age appropriate chill out environment & far removed from that of a clinical ward.


The Pod will be:

  • The home of the youth worker project.
  • A space to hang out and relax.
  • Activities – arts, crafts, board games, TV & music.
  • Provide an outdoor seating area for a breath of fresh air.
  • Close to the bed lifts so a young person who is bed ridden can also access the facility if health professionals agree that their condition allows.
  • Available to meet with youth workers or other support while young people are inpatients or outpatients.
In the future we plan to provide!

Parent/carer reclining chairs:

  • BtG has highlighted that emotional support is easily given by parents/carers staying with young people overnight when needed. This is completely understood on children’s ward but we feel should be routine across the board for all young people with complex medical needs when admitted to an adult ward.  BtG will be providing recliner chairs to allow parents/carers of young people on adult wards as soon as a way of ensuring the recliners are kept for this use can be established. 
Recently completed

Teenage Chill Out Room on Children’s ward:

The BtG teenage chill out room on children’s ward has now been equipped – we will be arranging the official opening soon!

A space to work or play on the Children’s Ward

A desk for homework, arts and crafts

 A relaxed space

Linking with other charitable support groups:

Bridge the Gap is working with other charities and organisations to identify how we can work together to improve current support and care for this age group.

Links to support groups for young people as well as their families and carers are included on this website charitable support groups.

Research into Improvements in Patient Transfer Facilities and Care:

Following extensive research, including our questionnaire, meetings with Patient Transfer and TravelWatch Isle of Man, it was decided that BtG should put together a presentation to ‘Travel Watch Isle of Man’ (link below). This was then presented to the Council of Voluntary Organisations (CVO) to ensure Patient Transfer problems faced by all patients were addressed in the document.

*Please click on this link to the ‘Patient Transfer Presentation to TravelWatch Isle of Man’*

Judy Arnold BEM, giving the Travel Watch IOM Presentation at the June 16 meeting of the CVO.

BtG is delighted that the project has been taken forward by the Manx Breast Cancer Support Group, which along with the CVO secured a waiting room within Ronaldsway and John Lennon Airports.

It is hoped that the other issues highlighted in the document as needing improvement will also be addressed in the near future.

Encouraging local companies to donate to help young people – the BtG AMI patient aid

The aid was kindly donated to BtG by Peter and Sally Van Veen of Vannin Health Care, originally destined for Nobles Hospital, it was decided that it was more beneficial to be at Alder Hey where young people from the island receive treatment for acute conditions.

The aid was delivered to its new home in September 2017 – the therapy room on the acute neurosciences ward at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital.

Questionnaires have helped to shape the vision of  of Bridge the Gap. The following link is to a questionnaire specifically for those who have a complex medical condition or parents of carers of a young person:-   *Patient/Parent/Carer questionnaire*

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