January 2018 – Update on our biggest goal – the BtG Hospital Based Youth Worker & Pod at Nobles Hospital (further information in previous press release below)

BtG is delighted that the wording for the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ for the ‘Youth Worker Project and Pod’ has been agreed with the Department of Health and Social Care and Department of Eduction & Children.

BtG Youth workers will start work at Nobles Hospital from 22nd January 2018, initially 4 hours a week to get the service up and running. The procurement process for the BtG Pod will being soon and should be operational in the next few months.

BtG recently funded a trip for the Youth Worker and Project Leader to visit Wrexham Hospital, which provides a service similar that planned with the BtG Hospital Based Youth Worker. Both were inspired by what they learned  from the trip.

In the press release below the expected cost of the pod was to be in the region of £50,000. However  as our understanding of the needs of young people has grown, so has the project and so the more likely cost will be in the region of £80,000 as the pod will now include a separate office/ private room space in addition to the outdoor area within the courtyard.

Hospital Based Youth Worker Project press release

Since 2014, BtG has been working on a project to provide a hospital-based youth worker at Noble’s Hospital.

When BtG first approached Noble’s Hospital and the Youth Service with the proposition of funding this project, we had hoped that a room could be found within Noble’s, which could be equipped to create an age appropriate environment for teenage and young adult patients. Unfortunately, following a lengthy search, no room was found but an exciting solution has been agreed. BtG will gift a facility to Noble’s, known as ‘The Pod’, which will be built within one of the hospital’s existing courtyards.

Young people who are unwell often face repeated or extended inpatient stays and the charity will provide a relaxing environment for these patients, far removed from that of a clinical ward, which these young people can also visit when at Noble’s for scans/blood tests etc.

The facility will provide a space where young patients can take part in activities (crafts, games, watch TV or catch up on school/college work) as well as a space where they can meet with the youth worker. BtG hope that through this, young people will be able to connect with other young patients, other youth services and support which will help them feel less isolated by their condition.

The cost of ‘The Pod’ is expected to be in the region of  £50,000 so fundraising has begun in earnest. If funds allow, BtG would also like to develop a peaceful space within the courtyard.

If you are able to support this project in any way, please email contact@bridgethegap.im

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