Maybe at times you’ll be unable to do your usual sport or pastime so why not try something different?

Try a new instrument

BtG are to equip a music/chill out room at Nobles. We already have donations of great musical instruments. If you’d like some music therapy before this room is in action, contact us as we may be able to arrange for you to borrow an instrument and, perhaps, even organise some help in getting started – just contact us.


Arts and crafts

Try arts and crafts –  if you need a little inspiration contact Susan Quilliam, one of our BtG partners. Details on Facebook link 

Magic tricks

If you’re fascinated by magicians why not try learning a few tricks yourself. There are many lessons online to learn tricks which use everyday objects so no excuses not to have a go:-

Learn magic tricks online 


If you’d like a visit from Chris Burns, one of our BtG partners, you’ll not only be entertained but may also receive a few tips. Just email or call 840232 to arrange. Not only will magic keep you busy but also you can entertain your visitors and nurses!


If you’re up to getting out and about there are some pretty spectacular scenes on the island to capture on camera & even the most basic things, when viewed from a different angle, make good subjects for a photograph. If you don’t have a camera BtG can lend you one for a week so you can see if you like it.



This is something easy to have a go at, even if you’re only slightly artistic; all you need is a pad and pencil. If real life sketching doesn’t seem to be your thing you can always try cartoon characters etc. instead – lots of help and suggestions to be found online. Youtube Link:

Online ideas for sketching 















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