In the bag

Hospital can be very warm, even in winter. Make sure you pack lots of T-shirts to keep you cool. Don’t forget your toothbrush! If you prefer your own drinks a cool bag will keep chilled drinks more tempting than if they’ve been sitting in a warm hospital room and it’s usually best to drink plenty unless you are told not to.

Beat boredom

Days can be long in hospital so bringing your favourite DVDs, games, books and a note pad and pen may come in handy.

If you get tired of social networking or gaming you could always ask your visitors to bring in some playing cards (UNO Is a good one) or a crossword. This gives you a way of communicating and makes visiting time more fun.

Music is great therapy

Have a good selection of tunes on your iPod or mobile. Just contact us if you need help with this.

Bridge the Gap is to provide a chill out/ music room in children’s ward and hopes to provide similar in the near future for use of teenagers and young adults admitted to adult wards. Our hope is to give the opportunity for young people to have a change of scenery as well as chilling out with music.

Get some sleep

If you’re in hospital for a while try to get into a routine.

If possible make an effort to get dressed in the daytime & try to wear pyjamas only when you go to bed at night. This should make you feel more like yourself.

Try to set a rough time you’ll settle for the night (don’t forget to brush your teeth!).

Try to avoid watching TV or playing games for an hour before bed; maybe read a book instead.

Company at night

Nights can seem long in hospital, especially if you can’t sleep. You may find you settle easier if a parent or loved one can stay. This is always an option on children’s ward and also in side rooms on adult wards so don’t be afraid to ask – Bridge the Gap are sponsoring reclining chairs (see current projects/reclining chairs) for use on adult wards so do ask if you feel you’d like company and support at night!

Friendly faces

While it’s good to keep in touch online, if you feel up to it, get your friends to come and visit in person. Don’t forget to let them know if there’s anything you need.

Never knock crosswords

You may think crosswords are a bit old fashioned and some are incredibly hard & off putting (some are just impossible so look for another type!) but if you find a book that suits you, after a little while you will find they become easier & are really good at helping pass the time in hospital.

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