Since 2014, BtG have been working to improve facilities and support for teenagers and young adults who are receiving care at Nobles Hospital.

BtG is delighted to announce that Organic Construction Ltd are to begin work building what has become known as the ‘Pod’ on 25th June 2018!

We are extremely grateful to all supporters & sponsors of the project.

The Pod is a summer house design, with lots of natural light and is being built in one of the courtyards at Nobles.

It is to be a relaxation area for teenagers and young adults with complex medical conditions, where they can spend time away from adult wards (when their condition allows) or as outpatients when attending scans, x rays and consultants appointments.

This unique space with Nobles will be available for young adult patients to catch up on school/college work, do arts and crafts, enjoy music, games or simply watch TV.

The Pod also has a separate room where young patients will be able to meet with the BtG Youth Worker.

The courtyard is also being developed to create a relaxing outdoor area.

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