A charity sale of furniture, paintings, prints and ornaments will be held on 1st May from 1 – 4pm at Kirby Farm Industrial Estate 

opposite Kirby Garden Centre

If you are interested in any items please do get in touch contact@bridgethegap.im

1. Large display/drinks cabinet with lights (186cm high x 175cm wide x 46cm deep).

3. Display Cabinet with lights (182cm high x 83cm wide x 30cm deep).


4. Display Cabinet with lights (152cm high x 80cm wide x 33cm deep).


5. Display cabinet (no lights), tiny crack bottom of door (128cm high x 120cm wide x 31cm deep).


6. Corner display cupboard with lights (181cm high x 65cm wide x 46cm deep (from corner of wall to edge).


8. Corner shelves (130cm high x 61cm wide x 43cm deep).


9. Four drawer pine chest (108cm high x 84cm wide x 46cm deep).


10. Pine chest with brass handles (94cm high x 86cm wide x 40cm deep).

11. Three drawer pine chest – marks on top (79.5cm high x 103cm wide x 43cm deep).


13. Round table with 4 wicker chairs


14. Assortment of mugs and extending dining table to match?


15. Old English Sheepdog collection


16. White chest of drawers (113cm high x 80cm wide x 49cm deep).


17. Small, dark chest – two handles missing (71cm high x 82cm wide x 46.5cm deep).



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