Learn the signs of cancer

By knowing the 5 common signs of cancer in young people, you could help save a life. These are persistent and unexplained:

    • Pain
    • Lump, bump or swelling
    • Significant weight loss
    • Extreme tiredness
    • Changes in a mole

If you are worried you have cancer, see your doctor and be persistent. Keep on going back if you feel your issues are not being solved. The chances of it being cancer are very small, but it’s better to get it checked.

Manx Cancer Help offers support and advice:

Link to Manx Cancer Help website 

IOM Breast Care offers emotional and practical support to breast cancer patients, their families & friends.

IOM Breast Care website 

Other groups can be found at the following link:

Council of Cancer Charities on the Isle of Man 

Naseem’s Brain Tumour Charity which offers support and advice to patients with brain tumours:

Link to Naseem’s Brain Tumour Charity 

Teenage Cancer Trust Website also gives helpful information:




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